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Acme’s niche in the market has always been customer service. Ninety percent of our customers call in their order, are not sure of the item numbers, are usually almost out of the product and know that it will get delivered the next day, which gives them peace of mind. To help you accomplish everything you need and more, Acme is dedicated to providing you with the best products and equipment.

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At Acme we want to make getting everything you need as easy and effortless as possible. That is why we have products and equipment here at one place for all of your needs. If there is a question you have about a product, want to know more about how a piece of equipment works, or if you want to place an order you can go to the page below. We are always happy to help assist you in any we can. -Acme Staff

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How To Remove Salt Stains

Now that warmer weather is just around the corner, a lot of folks are doing their spring cleaning -- and that includes businesses, schools, libraries and the like. In many cases, that cleaning involves removing salt stains left over from the winter, when it was tracked in on shoes or equipment. Because salt is an alkaline, the key is finding a "neutralizer" -- an acidic cleaner that will dissolve the dried salt so it can be rinsed away. Ask us about the best cleaning agents to take care of such problems.